Moving mobility forward

At Avis Budget Group, we believe mobility as a service should be completely connected, integrated, and on-demand for our customers and other businesses. Our global muscle and data intelligence position us well as a leading provider of mobility options, with more than 70 years of mobility experience and 11,000 locations in 180 countries.

Mobility &

Avis Budget Group was one of the first-movers globally in the car-sharing space with the acquisition of Zipcar in 2013, which marked the beginning of our company transformation and a greater focus on creating a holistic mobility environment. We’ve since created the groundbreaking Avis mobile app, launched a Mobility Lab in Kansas City, spearheaded a commuter program in the United States and a ‘floating’ car-sharing service in London, Zipcar Flex.

We’re not just connecting the dots, we’re creating them and, in turn, moving the future of mobility forward.

Innovation is at our core

As a mobility company, Avis Budget Group is actively evolving our business to meet the present and future needs of our customers and partners.

Reinventing Rental

Digitizing the business

New Mobility Models

Reinventing rental

Change, for us, starts with listening to our customers. We created an industry-leading mobile app for Avis that was co-created with customers’ input throughout the development process and designed to meet the changing needs of today’s travelers. Travelers can now choose the exact car they want, confirm and change reservations, extend rentals, view fuel consumption and mileage, locate nearby gas stations and parking, and return the car without assistance, all via the Avis app.

Connected vehicles

Connected Vehicles Active Globally
Connected Vehicles Internationally
Mobility Lab Connected Cars
Connected Airport Shuttle Buses

Digitizing Avis Budget Group

At Avis Budget Group, we are en route to digitize our entire business. This initiative encompasses working towards operating a fully connected global fleet, as well as implementing new internal systems to streamline processes, optimizing customer experiences and moving mobility forward. Our Mobility Lab in Kansas City is where we’re focused on much of this testing and learning with the goal of enhancing travelers’ experiences through our connected cars.

On innovation...

“ Our partnerships demonstrate well how the sector can work together to
provide the on-demand and connected services that customers want. ”
Keith Rankin
President, International

New mobility models

We live in a world where cars leverage the Internet of Things, phones have become computers and people are connected to everything around them. This gives way to an opportunity for Avis Budget Group to leverage our core experience, global footprint and data intelligence to develop entirely new lines of business.