Digitizing the Business

Digitizing the business

We are focused on three segments of digitization: our backend operations, reservations and field operations and fleet management. The end result is a more agile system that enables easier interoperability with partners and customers.

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Reservation & customer management

To improve the overall customer experience across brands, we have invested in new websites, mobile platforms and operational technologies. These enhancements create streamlined, personalized and transparent interactions and are driving operational efficiencies. This means fewer vehicles sitting idle and more vehicles ready for when and where you need them.

“ With changing customer preferences, and aggressive competition from new players, we didn’t have the luxury to be evolutionary in our transformation - we had to be revolutionary. That’s why we digitized our business, leveraging the Amazon Web Services Connected Vehicle Cloud, our mobile app and growing fleet of connected vehicles. This investment is paying off in terms of lower costs, increased efficiency, happier customers and entirely new lines of business. ”
Chris Cerruto

Vehicles & fleet management

Fleet digitization drives cost-savings and operational efficiencies in the short term, while further setting the table for even better customer experiences in the long term. Current operational and fleet management efficiencies include:


Vehicle maintenance

Fleet managers no longer need to inspect each vehicle for wiper fluid level, oil levels and other aspects with our new time-saving digital dashboard.


Vehicle recovery

Connected cars enable us to reduce the time and costs associated with recovering lost or stolen vehicles, which means more vehicles ready for rental.


Vehicle ready state

Our dashboard now shows the exact number, type and ready-state of every vehicle on the lot, ensuring that vehicles are fully ready for rental.