Reinventing Rental

Reinventing rental

At Avis Budget Group, we are building a completely connected journey where consumers utilize multiple mobility services to travel from point A to point B. To facilitate this shift in demand, we are laying the foundation for more transparent, personalized experiences across multiple modes of transportation for seamless customer journeys around the globe.


Mobile app + digital assistants

Mobile-first customer experience

App experience co-created with customers

Book, confirm, change or cancel reservations, extend rentals and return the car without assistance, all via the Avis app

Real-time connected features in select cars allow for keyless entry with the Avis app

View the rental agreement and receive full transparency on billing and fuel at any time

Find nearby fuel or parking services

Avis integration with Amazon Alexa

Special discounts on Avis and Budget rentals for Amazon customers

The Avis app



Have utilized the mobile app experience 



More than half of the Avis app customers use the app two or more times




In 2018 versus 2017




Since Avis app’s transformative launch in July 2016, usage has grown to over 1.5 million transactions

Connected vehicles

Connected Vehicles Active Globally
Connected Vehicles Internationally
Mobility Lab Connected Cars
Connected Airport Shuttle Buses

Saving time, reducing cost

Connected vehicles save time, reduce costs and provide data insights

A fully connected global fleet

Avis Budget Group is paving the way to connectivity with a goal of operating a fully connected global fleet

Monitor and reimburse

Connected cars monitor gasoline levels, and automatically calculate customer reimbursements if the car is returned with extra fuel

Personalized profiles so you can arrive relaxed

Connected cars have the potential to remember personalized profiles including preferred seat position, car temperature and favorite radio station

Expediting and improving service

Connected cars can report tire pressure, engine oil life, sensor data and other maintenance concerns on the fleet managers’ dashboard

Reducing service needs

Connectivity benefits companies that own, operate or manage fleets by monitoring maintenance, readiness, and reducing service needs

In partnership with cities and communities

In partnership with cities and communities, data from connected cars can report road conditions, provide data insights like traffic congestion and parking usage, and navigate drivers to stores, restaurants, events and attractions

Benefiting all

Connected cars benefit customers, businesses, and the communities where they operate

The future is electric with car sharing

Zipcar has spearheaded a commuter program in the United States and a ‘floating’ car sharing service in London, Zipcar Flex, which allows members to spontaneously jump into a car and drive one-way with the ability to drop the car off in one of thousands of spaces within a designated ‘Zipzone.’