Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity policy

A Company Committed To Our Business… and Yours

Increased purchases from diverse suppliers enhance Avis and Budget’s supply chain and assist in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations at on-airport locations and for major corporate customers.

As such, the company has established a Disadvantaged, Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program to promote the growth and development of diversified suppliers. Within the scope of this program, employees should channel business opportunities to minority and women-owned business enterprises whenever the opportunity arises to procure goods and services from an outside supplier. Helping these entrepreneurs move quickly into the mainstream of the economy strengthens the diverse business community economically and Avis Budget Group takes pride in contributing to the overall economic growth of the communities where we do business.

Our mission

Our program is intended to assure that disadvantaged, minority and women-owned Business Enterprises will have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in Avis Budget Group’s contract awards.

For more information on how to participate or to register online with Avis Budget Group, please click here.